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Answering Your Questions

Bob Jones University regards all forms of abuse and neglect as abhorrent. In 2011, BJU embarked on a program to review and improve our response to students who report past abuse. In subsequent months we have updated policies, implemented unprecedented awareness training, appointed a full-time abuse counselor, and appointed an ombudsman to review our policies and past responses to abuse. In the near future, we will release an ombudsman’s report, provide a comprehensive Child Safety Workshop for local church leaders, and continue to improve our care for the hurting and abused.

Below you’ll find answers to many of the questions we have received regarding our efforts in these areas.

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What led BJU to review its policies and procedures regarding the reporting of sexual abuse?

What is an ombudsman?

What was BJU’s original purpose for contracting with GRACE to be the ombudsman?

Who is GRACE and what did we ask them to do?

How did GRACE gather information?

How did BJU promote the availability of the survey?

What are BJU’s policies regarding reporting instances of abuse?

How did GRACE proceed with the process?

How did BJU and GRACE communicate throughout this process?

Did GRACE discover any instances of abuse that were not properly reported to authorities?

In addition to engaging an ombudsman, what has Bob Jones University done to heighten awareness of abuse?

Did GRACE make BJU aware of any of their findings?

Will GRACE’s report of its findings be released to the public?

Who is considered a mandatory reporter at BJU?

What is the current status of the project?

Did you terminate the contract because you anticipated a negative report?

Did the termination indicate BJU had anything to hide?

Why has Bob Jones University been quiet concerning some of the allegations?

What about the individuals who shared their experiences with GRACE? Does BJU still wish to help them?

After terminating the contract, did BJU attempt to resolve its differences with GRACE so they could complete the project?

What are the next steps for BJU in this process?

Is Bob Jones University safe?

What additional safety features are available at BJU?

Does Bob Jones University report public safety information to the federal government?

In 2011, BJU reported 9 forcible sexual offenses reported on campus. Can you explain that?