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Office of the President – Stephen B. Jones

Stephen B. Jones, DD, PhD

Dr. Stephen Jones’ love for God and commitment to His work stand out as prevailing characteristics in his life. In addition to fulfilling his administrative responsibilities, he works to maintain a primary focus on building others up spiritually through his work as the president of Bob Jones University. He prayerfully considers the University’s spiritual needs as a whole, and then chooses each year’s theme, chapel messages and initiatives with those needs in mind.

Dr. Jones draws on broad education and work experiences, which help him understand the many facets of BJU’s ministry and lead the school effectively. He holds a bachelor’s degree in public speaking, a master of divinity, a doctorate in liberal arts studies from BJU and an honorary doctorate from the International School of Missions in Cebu City, Philippines. He has served as a residence hall supervisor, a faculty member and vice president for administration before becoming the university president in 2005.

Dr. Jones is a member of the American Association of Christian Colleges and Seminaries and serves on the boards of Gospel Fellowship Association (GFA), Jesus Saves Mission - USA and Fundamental Baptist Fellowship International. He and his wife, Erin, have three children.

University Leadership

How God Burdened Dr. Jones to Serve as University President

“In my own life, the college years were a time of solidifying conviction and growth—crucial years when it became necessary for me to be personally convinced of biblical Truth and committed to the direction that Truth would demand of me. During that time God blessed me with godly teachers and friends who served both as mentors and examples.

The teachers in particular made an immense impression on me, and I prayed my freshman year that the Lord might one day give me that same opportunity to stand at that crossroad between youth and adulthood and mentor Christian students during such an impressionable time of life. That personal desire also led me to start praying that the Lord would raise up the next generation of godly faculty and staff to serve here.

Ultimately, it led me to the point of submitting my plans (being a lifelong teacher in the classroom) to God’s plan (serving the faculty, staff and students in an administrative role here).”

Dr. Jones’ Vision for BJU

“My prayer is that the Lord will glorify Himself by continuing to use this ministry to develop believers who will be passionate in their love of God, unswerving in their commitment to biblical Truth, outspoken in their proclamation of Jesus Christ and exemplary in their edifying love for other believers.”

Strategic Plan

Learn how the 2011-2016 plan was prepared and the key themes included in the plan.