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University Leadership


Steve Pettit

Steve Pettit, MA

President, Chief Executive Officer

President’s Administrative Cabinet

Gary Weier

Gary M. Weier, PhD

Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs, Chief Academic Officer, Provost

Marshall Franklin

Marshall E. Franklin, BS

Executive Vice President for Operations, Chief Operations Officer

John Matthews

John David Matthews, MBA

Vice President for Advancement and Alumni Relations

Sam Horn

Sam Horn, PhD

Vice President for Ministerial Advancement, Dean of the School of Religion and the Seminary

Carol Ann Keirstead

Carol Ann Keirstead, MS

Chief Communications Officer

David Fisher

David A. Fisher, PhD

Chief Administrative Officer, Vice Provost, Sr. Dean

Kennie M. Still

Kennie M. Still, MBA

Chief Financial Officer

Eric D. Newton

Eric D. Newton, PhD

Dean of Students
Chief Student Life Officer

Bobby Wood

Bobby Wood, PhD

Chief Enrollment Officer

Bill Apelian

Bill Apelian, BS

Chief Publication Officer

Kevin L. Taylor

Kevin L. Taylor, MS

Chief Human Resources Officer

Steve L. Hensley

Steve L. Hensley, BS

Chief Facilities Management Officer

Marvin Reem

Marvin Reem, BA

Chief Information Officer

Officers of Administration

Renae M. Wentworth, EdD — Dean of the College of Arts and Science
Darren P. Lawson, PhD — Dean of the School of Fine Arts and Communication
Brian A. Carruthers, EdD — Dean of the School of Education
Michael R. Buiter, MBA — Dean of the School of Business
Royce B. Short, PhD — Associate Dean of the School of Religion
Stephen J. Hankins, PhD — Associate Dean of the Seminary & Graduate School of Religion
N. Daniel Smith, EdD — Registrar and Director of Educational Services
Jonathan G. Daulton, MDiv — Dean of Men
A. Deneen Lawson, BAPCT — Dean of Women
M. Bruce McAllister, DMin — Director of Pastoral Relations
D. Neal Ring, MSS — Athletic Director