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Position Regarding a Christian’s Consumption of Alcohol

Bible-believing Christians of all generations face unique cultural and religious pressures. One of the most significant issues Christians wrestle with today is the growing use of beverage alcohol in Bible-believing circles. Christians, especially young people, are increasingly under the barrage of an evangelical culture that promotes the moderate use of alcohol.

As a Christian fundamentalist educational institution, Bob Jones University has taken a consistent stand for complete abstinence from the use of alcohol since our inception in 1927. Bob Jones University does not believe the Scripture condones the beverage use of alcohol by Bible-believing Christians. We will not retain a faculty or staff member or a student who uses alcohol or promotes its use.

Bob Jones University believes that the Christian is called to a life of growing conformity to the image of Christ and that the beverage use of alcohol hinders this conformity and growth in personal holiness. It is the University’s position that total abstinence is crucial to the believer’s unhindered and unobscured testimony—in the home, among fellow believers in the church, in the workplace and in society at large.