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Summer: $350/credit hour
Fall: $370/credit hour

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EAS 660: Foundations of Leadership 3 credits

Emphasizes basic administrative theory and research for the school leader, focusing on the current practices and examining trends in such areas as leadership skills, personnel development and decision making.

  • Dates: September 2 – October 17
  • Register by: August 19

EAS 663: School Business Management 3 credits

Principles of business administration for schools, emphasizing sound plant, finance and management practices. A philosophy of school administration will be developed.

  • Dates: October 26 – December 5
  • Register by: October 12

EAS 676: Personnel Administration & Supervision 3 credits

An overview of the employment process, personnel policies and procedures, and laws and regulations affecting the employment and supervision of faculty/staff in private, non-profit schools.

  • Dates: October 26 – December 5
  • Register by: October 12
  • Next offered: June 6, 2016 – July 16, 2016

EAS 678: Organizational Leadership 3 credits

An exploration of organizational theory and its application in a school setting, emphasizing strategic planning, instructional leadership and public relations.

  • Dates: January 13 – February 27
  • Register by: December 30

EAS 695: Educational Leadership Action Research Project 3 credits

Supervised experience under an experienced school administrator. The student is expected to demonstrate the implementation of leadership skills (tied to coursework taken in this program) to an approved project in a K-12 educational setting. A Leadership Portfolio will also be submitted.

  • Dates: January 13 – April 30
  • Register by: December 30

EAS 670: Pupil Personnel Services 3 credits

A survey of guidance services and their application in both elementary and secondary educational settings. Practical guidance problems are considered.

  • Dates: March 7 – April 23
  • Register by: February 22

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Course Enrollment Limit/Cancellation

BJU reserves the right to limit the number of students registered in any course, to cancel any courses for which there is insufficient enrollment and to make changes as needed.

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Testing Service

Bob Jones University employs a webcam-based proctoring service for distance learning testing. Students should be prepared to pay up to $15 per test in distance learning courses. More information about how online testing works can be found at ProctorU.