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What are BJUOnline’s courses like?

Will I need to be online at a specific time to take an online course?


How much do your courses cost?

Is financial aid available for BJUOnline courses?

Do I need to pay for the course up front, or may I pay in an installment plan?

Do I get a refund if I drop the course?

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Time Considerations

May I miss a week of my online course due to a vacation or other obligations?

How much time should I expect to invest per week in an online course?

Will I be able to work ahead in my online course?

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How do I obtain textbooks for a course?

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Computer Requirements

What kind of computer access do I need for taking an online course?

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Enrollment Procedures

Do I need to enroll in a degree program at Bob Jones University in order to take courses through BJUOnline?

Is there a deadline for signing up for a course?

How soon will I be able to access my course?

How will I take tests? Do I need to come to BJU to take them?

Whom can I contact for help once I’m in a course?

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Transfer of Credits

How do I obtain transcripts for my distance learning work?

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College Credit/Course Limits

May a high school junior or senior take a course from BJUOnline to meet his high school requirements?

What is a credit hour?

How many courses may I take at a time?

Is there a limit to how many distance learning courses I can take?


May I audit distance learning courses?

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Can I get an undergraduate degree from Bob Jones University through distance learning?

How do I know whether a particular course fits into my degree program?

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Institute of Biblical Education

What are the academic requirements for the IBE program?

Are there group study opportunities through the IBE program?

In what format are the courses in the IBE program?

How much do IBE courses cost?

What are some of the most popular IBE courses?

How can I get started with an IBE course?

Can I receive any kind of credit for taking IBE courses?

What will I receive when I order a course from IBE?

How is the IBE curriculum organized?

Do I have to take the IBE courses in any particular order?

Where can I find out more information about IBE?

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