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Continuing Education Units

BJUOnline offers you the opportunity to take Institute of Biblical Education courses to earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs). Courses from the IBE Division of Special Topics are not eligible for ACSI CEUs, but they are for standard CEUs.

What are CEUs?

CEUs are a uniform measurement for reporting your participation in non-degree educational activities to employers, licensing entities, accreditating bodies, etc.


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Value of CEUs

You may use personal records and transcripts reported in CEUs in the following ways:

  • Personal and professional development
  • Documentation of continuing education activities for maintenance of teacher certification or other types of licensing
  • Evidence of vocational growth and development

Professional Development Units Certificate/Transcript Request Form


What types of CEUs does BJU offer?

Who recognizes a CEU?

How do I obtain a transcript or certificate from BJU documenting my CEU activity?