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The revised IBE curriculum consists of 46 units, most containing about 12 to 15 lessons. There are 24 written units and 22 video units. These are distributed among 5 divisions:

  • Old Testament Studies
  • New Testament Studies
  • Theological Studies
  • Practical Studies
  • Special Topics

Division Makeup

Each division consists of a 2-unit core course and several units of supporting courses. Generally speaking, the core course serves as an introduction to the division, and the supporting courses are electives that focus on biblical books or topics in more detail.

Available Certificates and Recognition

Participants receive a certificate of completion for each unit. In addition, the following categories of recognition are available (noncredit):

Order online

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Payment can be made by credit card, check or money order.

  • Certificate of Completion — complete one course
  • Certificate of Biblical Survey — complete all 5 core courses (10 units total)
  • Divisional Certificate — complete 6 units from a division (2 core, 4 supporting)
  • Diploma in Biblical Studies — complete all 5 divisional certificates (30 units total)
  • Certificate of Biblical Counseling — complete all 6 units from the Biblical Counseling Series
  • Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are available for IBE courses. A $10 fee applies per CEU transcript/certificate requested.