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Christ Victorious: Studies in the Epistles of John and Revelation

Course Type: Workbook and Online

Units: 1

Standard CEU: 1.5

Description: This 15-lesson course discusses major themes in the three Epistles of John and provides a chapter-by-chapter exposition of the book of Revelation. It focuses on Christ as the center of God's plan for the ages.

Part One: The Epistles of John

Lesson 1: The Incarnate Christ
Lesson 2: A “Know-So” Salvation
Lesson 3: A New Commandment

Part Two: Revelation

Lesson 4: Christ in the Revelation (1:1-20)
Lesson 5: The Messages to the Churches (I) (2:1-17)
Lesson 6: The Messages to the Churches (II) (2:18-3:22)
Lesson 7: “And One Sat on the Throne” (4:1-5:14)
Lesson 8: “The Day of His Wrath Is Come!” (6:1-7:17)
Lesson 9: More Judgment, No Repentance (8:1-9:21)
Lesson 10: “Delay Shall Be No More” (10:1-12:12)
Lesson 11: Antichrist and His War with the Saints (12:13-14:5)
Lesson 12: Fullness of Wrath (14:6-16:21)
Lesson 13: “Babylon Is Fallen” (17:1-18:24)
Lesson 14: “The Lord God Omnipotent Reigneth!” (19:1-20:15)
Lesson 15: Paradise Restored (21:1-22:21)