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Son of God, Son of Man: Lessons from the Life of Christ

Course Type: Workbook and Online

Units: 2

Description: This course provides an overview of the life and ministry of Jesus Christ as presented by the Gospel writers. The goal is not only to teach the key facts about Jesus’ life but also to emphasize the need for disciples today to follow His example and teachings.

Unit One: The Works of Christ

Standard CEU: 1.4

Part One: Christ’s Major Experiences

Lesson 1: The Gospel Accounts of Christ
Lesson 2: The Virgin Birth of Christ
Lesson 3: The Authority of Christ
Lesson 4: The Temptation of Christ
Lesson 5: The Transfiguration of Christ
Lesson 6: The Crucifixion of Christ
Lesson 7: The Resurrection of Christ

Part Two: Christ’s Miracles

Lesson 8: Miracles Establishing Christ’s Deity
Lesson 9: Miracles Instructing in Faith
Lesson 10: Miracles Teaching Right Relationships

Part Three: Christ’s Character

Lesson 11: Christ’s Holiness
Lesson 12: Christ’s Meekness
Lesson 13: Christ’s Zeal
Lesson 14: Christ’s Compassion

Unit Two: The Words of Christ

Standard CEU: 1.4

Part One: Christ's Sermons

Lesson 1: Joy
Lesson 2: Spiritual Maturity
Lesson 3: Discernment
Lesson 4: The New Birth
Lesson 5: Eternal Punishment
Lesson 6: Materialism
Lesson 7: Christ’s Care
Lesson 8: Faithfulness to Christ
Lesson 9: Discipleship

Part Two: Christ’s Parables

Lesson 10: Responding to the Word of God
Lesson 11: The Growth of the Kingdom
Lesson 12: Seeking the Lost
Lesson 13: Forgiving Others
Lesson 14: Being Ready for His Coming