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Transformed into His Image: New Testament Messages

Course Type: Video and Online

Units: 2

Teacher: Dr. Stephen Hankins, dean, Bob Jones Seminary

Description: This course surveys the entire New Testament, developing the central theme of each book and its application to the Christian life. The study challenges the believer to be transformed into Christ's image as he sees Christ revealed throughout the New Testament.

Unit One: Matthew-Colossians

Standard CEU: 1.3

Lesson 1: Introduction to New Testament Messages
Lesson 2: Matthew
Lesson 3: Mark
Lesson 4: Luke
Lesson 5: John
Lesson 6: Acts
Lesson 7: Romans
Lesson 8: I Corinthians
Lesson 9: II Corinthians
Lesson 10: Galatians
Lesson 11: Ephesians
Lesson 12: Philippians
Lesson 13: Colossians

Unit Two: I Thessalonians-Revelation

Standard CEU: 1.3

Lesson 1: I Thessalonians
Lesson 2: II Thessalonians
Lesson 3: I Timothy
Lesson 4: II Timothy
Lesson 5: Titus
Lesson 6: Philemon
Lesson 7: Hebrews
Lesson 8: James
Lesson 9: I & II Peter
Lesson 10: I John
Lesson 11: II & III John
Lesson 12: Jude
Lesson 13: Revelation

Optional textbook: New Testament Survey by Robert Gromacki (Grand Rapids: Baker Book House, 1974).
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