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Ancient Truths for Modern Times: Old Testament Messages

Course Type: Video and Online

Units: 2

Teacher: Dr. Ken Casillas, faculty, Seminary; pastor of Cleveland Park Bible Church (Spartanburg, S.C.)

Description: This course surveys the Old Testament, developing the theme of each book and stressing the practical application of the Old Testament to the New Testament believer

Unit One: The Pentateuch and Historical Books

Standard CEU: 1.3

Lesson 1: Getting Motivated
Lesson 2: Why the Old Testament?
Lesson 3: Profiting from the Old Testament
Lesson 4: Genesis
Lesson 5: Exodus
Lesson 6: Leviticus
Lesson 7: Numbers
Lesson 8: Deuteronomy
Lesson 9: Joshua, Judges, Ruth
Lesson 10: Samuel
Lesson 11: Kings
Lesson 12: Chronicles
Lesson 13: Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther

Unit Two: Poetical and Prophetic Books

Standard CEU: 1.3

Lesson 1: Introduction to the Poetical Books
Lesson 2: Psalms
Lesson 3: Proverbs
Lesson 4: Job
Lesson 5: Ecclesiastes, The Song of Solomon
Lesson 6: Introduction to the Prophetic Books
Lesson 7: Prophets During the Divided Kingdom
Lesson 8: Isaiah
Lesson 9: Prophets During the Single Kingdom
Lesson 10: Prophets During the Exile
Lesson 11: Prophets After the Exile
Lesson 12: Overview of the Old Testament
Lesson 13: Applying the Old Testament

Optional textbook:

Survey of the Old Testament, rev. ed., by Paul N. Benware (Chicago: Moody Press, 2003).
Order online from the BJU Campus Store or call 1-800-252-1927.