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Heroes and Villains: Lessons from Old Testament Personalities

Course Type: Workbook and Online

Units: 3

Description: This course examines the lives of major characters, both good and evil, whose lives are recorded in Old Testament history. Each lesson emphasizes a character quality the believer should cultivate, a fault he should avoid, an action he should perform, or a truth he should believe.

Unit One: Founding Fathers (15 lessons covering Adam through Joseph)

Standard CEU: 1.5

Lesson 1: Adam and Eve: Privilege and Responsibility
Lesson 2: Cain: Rebellion Against God
Lesson 3: Noah: Recipient of God's Favor
Lesson 4: Noah: Blessed with an Everlasting Covenant
Lesson 5: Job: A Suffering Saint
Lesson 6: Abraham: Called to Obedience
Lesson 7: Abraham: Rewarded with a Covenant
Lesson 8: Abraham: Matured Through Testing
Lesson 9: Lot: The Folly of a Selfish Choice
Lesson 10: Esau: The Man Who Didn't Care
Lesson 11: Jacob: The Cunning Supplanter
Lesson 12: Jacob: The Prince with God
Lesson 13: Joseph's Brothers: The Curse of Guilt
Lesson 14: Joseph: The Prepared Man
Lesson 15: Joseph: The Forgiving Brother

Unit Two: Deliverers, Conquerors, and Judges (14 lessons covering Moses through Samuel)

Standard CEU: 1.4

Lesson 1: Moses: The Well-Trained Man
Lesson 2: Moses: The Faithful Intercessor
Lesson 3: Pharaoh: A Stubborn King
Lesson 4: Aaron: A Weak Assistant
Lesson 5: Balaam: A Prophet for Hire
Lesson 6: Joshua: Worthy to Succeed
Lesson 7: Joshua: Encouraged to Conquer
Lesson 8: Deborah: A Woman of Courage
Lesson 9: Gideon: A Reluctant Hero
Lesson 10: Abimelech: A Punished Tyrant
Lesson 11: Samson: Controlled by Carnality
Lesson 12: Ruth: Loyalty in Action
Lesson 13: Hannah: A Vow Fulfilled
Lesson 14: Samuel: A Faithful Servant

Unit Three: Rulers and Reformers (15 lessons covering Saul through Nehemiah)

Standard CEU: 1.5

Lesson 1: Saul: Destroyed by Disobedience
Lesson 2: David: Dedicated to Duty
Lesson 3: David: Stained by Sin
Lesson 4: Jonathan: The Ideal Friend
Lesson 5: Solomon: Spoiled by Advantages
Lesson 6: Jeroboam: The Pragmatist
Lesson 7: Ahab: The Test of God's Patience
Lesson 8: Elijah: Victorious over Spiritual Depression
Lesson 9: Jehoshaphat: The Compromiser
Lesson 10: Hezekiah: Tried and Proven
Lesson 11: Manasseh: The Penitent
Lesson 12: Josiah: Zealous for God
Lesson 13: Daniel: Consistent in Captivity
Lesson 14: Nebuchadnezzar: A Pawn in the Hand of God
Lesson 15: Nehemiah: A Successful Servant