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Future Events, Present Duty: Studies in Old Testament Prophecy

Course Type: Workbook and Online

Units: 2

Description: This course is a practical survey of the prophetic portions of the Old Testament. The lessons identify and develop one or more of the most important themes in each prophetic book. The course stresses that God did not give prophecy to arouse our curiosity but to move us to obedience.

Unit One: The Major Prophets

Standard CEU: 1.1

Lesson 1: Introduction to Prophecy
Lesson 2: Christ in the Prophets
Lesson 3: Isaiah: Prince of Prophets
Lesson 4: Isaiah: The Prophet of the Gospel
Lesson 5: Jeremiah: The Troubled Prophet
Lesson 6: Jeremiah: The Prophet Against Hypocrisy
Lesson 7: Ezekiel: A Prophet of Warning
Lesson 8: Ezekiel: A Prophet of Salvation
Lesson 9: Daniel: A Prophet of History
Lesson 10: Daniel: A Prophet of the Future
Lesson 11: Daniel: The Courageous Trio

Unit Two: The Minor Prophets

Standard CEU: 0.9

Lesson 1: Hosea: The Prophet of Love
Lesson 2: Joel: The Prophet of Repentance
Lesson 3: Amos: A Prophet with a Burden
Lesson 4: Obadiah: A Prophet of Revenge
Lesson 5: Jonah: The Reluctant Prophet
Lesson 6: Micah: A Prophet of Righteousness
Lesson 7: Nahum: A Prophet of God
Lesson 8: Habakkuk: A Prophet with Questions
Lesson 9: Zephaniah: A Prophet of Judgment
Lesson 10: Haggai: A Prophet for Revival
Lesson 11: Zechariah: A Prophet of Visions
Lesson 12: Zechariah: A Prophet of Hope
Lesson 13: Malachi: The Prophet Against Formalism