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Worship and Wisdom: Studies in Old Testament Poetry

Course Type: Workbook and Online

Units: 2

Description: This course provides a thematic survey of the poetical books of the Old Testament. It discusses clues for interpreting biblical poetry and then expounds selected passages. The focus is on timeless principles that relate to a Christian’s relationship with God and to daily living.

Unit One: The Psalms

Standard CEU: 0.9

Lesson 1: Introduction to Poetry
Lesson 2: Christ in the Psalms (Pss. 2; 22; 110)
Lesson 3: Patterns for Praise (Ps. 103)
Lesson 4: Patterns for Prayer (Pss. 4; 25)
Lesson 5: Patterns for Confession (Ps. 51)
Lesson 6: Patterns for Contentment (Ps. 49)
Lesson 7: Patterns for Separation (Pss. 1; 133)
Lesson 8: Patterns for Communication (Ps. 19)
Lesson 9: Patterns for Faith (Ps. 115)

Unit Two: Wisdom Books

Standard CEU: 1.2

Lesson 1: Introduction to Wisdom
Lesson 2: Proverbs and Witnessing
Lesson 3: Proverbs and the Fear of God
Lesson 4: Proverbs and the Family
Lesson 5: Proverbs and Purity
Lesson 6: Proverbs and Friendship
Lesson 7: Proverbs and Speech
Lesson 8: Proverbs and Work
Lesson 9: Job: The Problem of Problems
Lesson 10: Ecclesiastes: The Problem of Life
Lesson 11: Song of Solomon: The Joy of Love
Lesson 12: Lamentations: Faith Rising from the Rubble