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Getting the Most from God's Word: Skills for Studying the Bible

Course Type: Video and Online

Units: 2

Teacher: Dr. Ken Casillas, faculty, Seminary; pastor of Cleveland Park Bible Church (Spartanburg, S.C.)

Description: This exciting course provides a lay-level introduction to hermeneutics, discussing principles for the accurate interpretation and application of Scripture. After covering vital preliminary topics, the lessons focus on the major genres or literary forms in Scripture. Participants learn how to study each genre according to its special characteristics. Principles are illustrated with practical studies of sample passages. (Lessons average 40 to 45 minutes in length.)

Unit One: Getting Grounded

Standard CEU: 1.3

Lesson 1: The Goals of Bible Study
Lessons 2-3: Preparing for Bible Study
Lesson 4: The Inspiration of Scripture
Lesson 5: Choosing a Bible Translation
Lessons 6-7: The History of Biblical Interpretation
Lessons 8-10: Introduction to Hermeneutics
Lessons 11-13: Interpreting the Epistles

Unit Two: Going Deeper

Standard CEU: 1.3

Lessons 1-3: Interpreting Old Testament Poetry
Lessons 4-6: Interpreting Biblical Narrative
Lesson 7: Interpreting the Gospels
Lesson 8: Theological Systems
Lessons 9-10: Interpreting Old Testament Law
Lessons 11-12: Interpreting Old Testament Prophecy
Lesson 13: Looking Back, Looking Ahead