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Knowing and Doing: Foundations of Christian Living

Course Type: Workbook and Online

Units: 4

Description: This course is a topical study in applied doctrine. It derives its theme from Christ’s twofold emphasis on “hearing” His words (knowledge) and “doing” them (practice), found in Matthew 7:24, 26. While stressing practical application, the lessons maintain that true Christian living stems from a solid grounding in biblical doctrine.

Unit One: Knowing God

Standard CEU: 1.0

Part One: Knowing About God

Lesson 1: The Triune God
Lesson 2: Focus on Jesus Christ
Lesson 3: Focus on the Holy Spirit
Lesson 4: God's Nature
Lesson 5: God's Works
Lesson 6: God's Program

Part Two: Communing with God

Lesson 7: God's Inerrant Word
Lesson 8: Tips for Bible Study
Lesson 9: Worshiping God
Lesson 10: The Throne of Grace

Unit Two: Pursuing Holiness

Standard CEU: 1.3

Lesson 1: Christlikeness: The Goal of Sanctification
Lesson 2: Union with Christ: The Basis of Sanctification
Lesson 3: Walking in the Spirit: The Key to Sanctification
Lesson 4: Imperatives for Holiness
Lessons 5-6: Developing Biblical Standards
Lesson 7: Exercising Self-Control
Lesson 8: Fighting Temptation
Lesson 9: Dealing with Guilt
Lesson 10: Overcoming Depression
Lesson 11: Conquering Bitterness
Lesson 12: Learning Patience
Lesson 13: Trusting God's Daily Care

Unit Three: Serving God

Standard CEU: 1.0

Lesson 1: The Folly of Rebellion
Lesson 2: Dedication
Lesson 3: Accepting God's Creative Work
Lesson 4: Discovering Spiritual Gifts
Lesson 5: Discerning God's Will
Lesson 6: The Ministry
Lesson 7: Becoming a Leader
Lesson 8: Listening to Good Advice
Lesson 9: Incentives for Service
Lesson 10: The Folly of Selfish Service

Unit Four: Loving Others

Standard CEU: 1.2

Part One: The Nature of Love

Lesson 1: Selfless Giving

Part Two: Love in the Home

Lesson 2: Relationships in the Home
Lesson 3: Foundations of Christian Marriage
Lesson 4: Rearing Godly Children

Part Three: Love in the Church

Lesson 5: Getting Along with Fellow Christians
Lesson 6: Sacrificing Personal Liberties
Lesson 7: Restoring Broken Relationships
Lesson 8: Practicing Biblical Separation

Part Four: Love in Society

Lesson 9: Obligations of a Christian Citizen
Lesson 10: Workplace Obligations
Lesson 11: Concern for the Unsaved
Lesson 12: Caring for Unfortunates