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Seminary Conference Series

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Institute of Biblical Education
Bob Jones University
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Course Type: Online

Units: 2

Description: Starting in 2011, the Bob Jones University Seminary has begun hosting a yearly Conference Series designed for pastors and those working in the ministry. These conferences are designed to help the ministry leader where they are, with topics that every church leader needs to be informed in. You will find many practical ministry helps from speakers who are knowledgeable in the field they are speaking on. Speakers also cite many resources for further study after you have finished the course. IBE now provides these conferences to you through an convenient, online format. These courses work great for pastoral training, Christian leadership training, or simply personal growth in your walk with Christ.

Unit One: Breaking Chains, Building Disciples

Speakers: Bob Benbrooks, Dr. Jim Berg, Dr. Dan Borkert, Winn Freeman, Capt. John Gardner, Dr. Greg Mazak, Dr. Mark Minnick, Dr. Dan Olinger, Dr. Jason Ormiston, Dr. Lee Ormiston, Rev. Larry Pierson, Rev. Rusty Smith

Description: IBE is proud to offer "Breaking Chains, Building Disciples," Bob Jones University Seminary's 2011 Conference. This 13 lesson seminar focuses on all aspects of addiction, with answers on how Christians should deal with these issues in their own lives and the lives of others. Throughout this online course, you will be exposed to Scriptural solutions to heart issues and resources for further growth in the areas of addictions to chemical substances (illegal and prescription drugs, alcohol, tobacco), compulsive behaviors (sexual sins, pornography, gambling, workaholism) and self-destructive behaviors (cutting, burning, eating disorders).

Unit Two: Sexual Abuse and the Church

Speakers: Dr. Ken Casillas, Rev. Bob Crawford, Daniel Hicks, Ty Bracken Miller, Debi Pryde, Dr. Dave Shumate, Pamela Snyder

Description: Recent high-profile cases have placed sexual abuse in the national spotlight. Sexual abuse reaches people of all ages, races and backgrounds. Statistics reveal that most victims of sexual abuse know their attacker. Sadly, many children are sexually abused by family members, civic and church leaders, teachers, coaches or trusted companions.

Christian leaders need to understand the issue and recognize the fact that sexual abuse happens—even in Christian ministry. Pastors and church leaders need to be vigilant to protect those they serve and to be above reproach in how they respond to and handle instances of abuse.

This conference is designed to help pastors, church leaders and seminarians recognize, prevent and appropriately respond to sexual abuse and minister to its victims. Discussion will include assessing the challenges facing the church as it responds to abuse, reviewing approaches to preventing abuse, and most importantly, ministering the healing balm of God’s Word to all who are affected.