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Grounded in the Faith: Studies in Bible Doctrines

Course Type: Video and Online

Units: 6

Teacher: Dr. Stephen Hankins, dean, Bob Jones Seminary

Description: This course seeks to help the believer grow in his knowledge of God by explaining the major teachings of God's Word. The lessons carefully expound the biblical support for each doctrine and highlight applications to the Christian life. Key terms are defined and unbiblical positions are refuted.

Unit One: The Bible

Standard CEU: 1.2

Lesson 1: Introduction to Systematic Theology
Lesson 2: Why Study Systematic Theology?
Lesson 3: The Theological Heart of Scripture
Lesson 4: Divisions of Bibliology
Lesson 5: Defining Inspiration
Lesson 6: The Process of Inspiration
Lesson 7: Methods of Inspiration/Introduction to Inerrancy
Lesson 8: The Extent of Biblical Inerrancy
Lessons 9-10: The Preservation of Scripture
Lesson 11: The Canonization of Scripture
Lesson 12: The Interpretation of Scripture

Unit Two: God, The Holy Spirit

Standard CEU: 1.3

Lessons 1-2: Men and Movements
Lessons 3-5: The Existence and Attributes of God
Lesson 6: The Personality and Deity of the Holy Spirit
Lesson 7: The Holy Spirit and the Believer
Lesson 8: Illumination by the Holy Spirit
Lesson 9: The Baptism of the Holy Spirit
Lessons 10-11: What Is Spiritual Giftedness?
Lesson 12: Walking in the Spirit
Lesson 13: The Fruit of the Spirit

Unit Three: Creation, Satan, Man, Sin

Standard CEU: 1.3

Lessons 1-2: Creation and Its Implications
Lesson 3: Satan and Demons
Lessons 4-6: The Restoration of God's Image in Man
Lesson 7: The Problem of Sin
Lesson 8: The Danger of Sin
Lesson 9: Resolving the Problem of Sin
Lesson 10: Christ as the Model for Resistance to Sin
Lessons 11-12: When Other Christians Sin

Unit Four: Christ

Standard CEU: 0.9

Lessons 1-2: The Centrality of Christ
Lesson 3: The Names and Titles of Christ
Lessons 4-5: The Self-Descriptions of Christ
Lessons 6-7: The Deity of Christ
Lesson 8: Christ the Miracle Worker
Lesson 9: The Lessons of Christ's Miracles

Unit Five: Salvation

Standard CEU: 1.2

Lessons 1-7: The Death of Christ
Lessons 8-10: True Saving Faith
Lessons 11-12: Soteriological Transactions

Unit Six: Separation, The Church, Future Things

Standard CEU: 1.5

Lesson 1: The Necessity of Separation
Lesson 2: The Types of Separation
Lesson 3: The Motivation for Separation
Lesson 4: Separation from the World
Lesson 5: Separation from False Teachers
Lesson 6: Separation from Fellow Christians
Lessons 7-8: An Overview of the Church
Lesson 9: Church Leadership
Lesson 10: The Functions and Ministries of the Church
Lesson 11: The Importance of Eschatology
Lesson 12: The Prophetic Calendar
Lesson 13: The Resurrection-Rapture
Lesson 14: The Great Tribulation
Lesson 15: The Millennial Reign

Optional textbook

Basic Theology by Charles Ryrie (Chicago, Ill.: Moody Publishers, 1999).
Order online from the BJU Campus Store or call 1-800-252-1927.