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Division of English Language and Literature

Division Mission

In support of the University’s commitment to building Christlike character, the Division of English exists to provide the foundation in English language and literature for a liberal arts education. It seeks to develop in all University students basic skills in written communication, in critical reading and research, and in understanding and appreciating literature. It seeks to help students specializing in English develop general intellectual and communication skills for a variety of professional interests and vocational needs and to provide solid preparation for advanced work in English. It seeks to equip future English teachers richly for a ministry of teaching.

Department Goals

Department of English

  1. To nurture students’ ability to communicate well, particularly in writing, to the larger world.
  2. To develop in students a knowledge of language for personal growth and vocational success.
  3. To provide students with intellectual skills important for navigating the world of ideas.
  4. To expand students’ cultural understanding from a Biblical base, to enlarge students’ ethical understanding in line with Biblical truth, and to develop students’ aesthetic sensibilities in accordance with Biblical principle.

Department of Professional Writing and Publication

  1. To provide preparation for meeting the need for a vital, professionally enhanced Christian witness through print and electronic media.
  2. To aid in the development of proper language usage and writing skills through classroom instruction, assignments, and in-class projects.
  3. To complement the development of writing skill through extensive experience in situations similar to actual working environments.
  4. To provide, for qualifying students, the opportunity to intern at a local organization.