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FAQ for Prospective Computer Science Student

Many students are interested in pursuing studies in Computer Science in college. We on the computer science faculty are often asked the following questions, and we hope this document will help to answer them.

What is Computer Science?

Will I actually be able to get a job after going through your program, or help a ministry with its computer needs?

I know people who are making a lot of money designing and running web sites, and they didn’t have to study Computer Science. Why bother?

What benefits will I reap from a 4-year degree that I wouldn’t get from a technical school?

“Today’s Technology: Tomorrow’s Trash?” I know that, but I would still feel more comfortable if you taught current technology.

What is the difference between the Computer Science, Information Systems Management, and Information Technology majors? Which one should I choose?

What should I be doing now (in high school) to help prepare me to complete a degree in Computer Science or Information Systems Management?

I’m coming this fall. What computer equipment and software should I bring?

Who can I contact if I have other questions?