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Division of Modern Language and Literature


The Modern Language Department exists to teach students to communicate in French, German, Spanish and Chinese; and to understand better their own and other cultures, with the ultimate purpose of using their foreign language skills in service to Christ and to others.


  1. To provide students with communicative ability in French, German, Spanish, or Chinese.
  2. To present students with a foreign culture, so that they understand better its practices and products, particularly as it compares with their own.
  3. To open to students the wealth of foreign literature.
  4. To provide students with knowledge of their target language structure, both to help them communicate better in the language and to prepare them for more advanced language study.
  5. To instill in students a Christian worldview that analyzes and evaluates philosophies, cultures, and literature in the light of the revealed truth of God’s Word, and to provide students with opportunities to serve Christ using their target language.