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Division of Natural Science


The mission of the Division of Natural Science is to aid the University in producing graduates of Christ-like character, to teach science and engineering within a Biblical framework while maintaining scientific rigor, and to provide the scholastic and spiritual excellence promised by the BJU pledge.


The Division of Natural Science exists to:

  1. produce graduates with a worldview incorporating a biblically consistent view of science as articulated in the divisional philosophy statement.
  2. produce competent graduates that readily apply their learning to the solution of problems in their field.
  3. produce graduates with a clear understanding of the scientific concepts and principles that underlie the factual knowledge of their discipline.
  4. produce graduates adept at the technical skills characteristic of their profession.
  5. provide students in other majors with courses that teach them fundamentals of scientific thinking and give them a greater appreciation for science and its relevance to daily living.

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