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Interested in teaching science?

Science Education

Science curriculum at BJU

The BJU Biology Department has been a pioneer in developing innovative curriculum since the mid-1960s.

Planning for med school?

Discover the advantages to a true premed major compared to a biology major.

Why study biology at BJU?

At BJU, we believe the Bible is God’s inspired, inerrant Word and that it accurately describes historical events. In addition, all of our science faculty hold to a Young Earth view of Creation and believe that biblical truth provides the proper framework for interpreting scientific evidence. That said, we also recognize the need for you to understand modern secular interpretations of science. After all, you’ll eventually confront different interpretations, so why not be prepared at a Christian college?

This is why we use secular textbooks to thoroughly expose you to modern scientific interpretations. Our skilled and knowledgeable faculty apply a biblical worldview to what you’re reading. In addition to strengthening your faith in the reliability of the Bible, this approach also ensures that you are thoroughly prepared for the challenges you will confront when you pursue an advanced degree at a secular school.