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Duke Professor Speaks to PMA on Psycho-Affective Disorders

Dr. Richard Cox

The PMA had the privilege of hearing Dr. Richard Cox speak on psycho-affective disorders on Tuesday, April 16, 2013.

Dr. Cox is an adjunct professor from the department of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at Duke University School of Medicine. He is an internationally known speaker and author and is the founding president of the American Board of Rehabilitation Psychology for the American Board of Professional Psychology (ABPP). Dr. Cox holds four earned doctorates in medicine (MD and DO), psychology and theology.

The title for Dr. Cox’s discussion was Psycho-Affective Disorders. The body and the mind are extraordinarily interconnected. This is evidenced when the body responds to environmental stress. A person’s responses to stress come from a combination of genetics and environmental factors.

The medical field today largely denies the existence of a spiritual component of man’s mind. As a result, treatments and medications are often administered that merely target specific symptoms, rather than the core problem. As Christian physicians, we should not shy away from addressing the core problem in a patient’s life.

Dr. Cox emphasized a holistic approach to medicine, and he cautioned the aspiring physicians not to view traditional medicine and techniques as the only, or always the best, way to treat patients. He also exhorted us students to maintain an attitude of service and care during our medical career, rather than blindly following our broken system of health care.

Jon Fryml
PMA President