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Creation: Proposition 1

The Bible story of creation is but one of perhaps thousands of creation stories.


Dr. Henson: My first response is skepticism about the numbers given. It is true that there are dozens of contradictory accounts of the worldwide flood, but I have no idea about the number of creation stories. Regardless, of whether the person is a creationist or an evolutionist, there can be no human knowledge about creation and any story originating from humans is just that—a story. It is apparent that the only factual information about the creation would have to come from the Creator Himself. For a person who has trusted the Lord as His Savior and accepts the scripture as trustworthy and authoritative in the autographs, this is precisely what we have in the Bible. It is not simply another human story, but the revelation from the Creator revealing what He did.

To treat the Bible account as the only one that is significant shows an arrogance which stands in opposition to the humility of Jesus, the founder of Christianity.

Dr. Henson: I try not to read more into a statement than is warranted, but I would take issue with the clear implication that the Lord Jesus Christ was simply a person when, in fact, He was God Incarnate and the Creator. The Bible is the only trustworthy source of knowledge about the Lord. It is true that when He chose to be born, He humbled Himself and came to the earth as a man. However, when He comes again, He will come as rightful judge and Lord of Lords and King of Kings—hardly in humility. For a believer to attempt to understand the truth of the biblical revelation as opposed to human guesses is not arrogance, but an intellectual and spiritual necessity.

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