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Creation: Proposition 5

Physical processes and organization are fueled from the outside, mainly by the energy of the sun. Until the sun cools completely, it is sending out enormous quantities of energy that supply physical processes and organization on the earth. It does require large amounts of energy to drive organization, but obviously it happens. Crystal growth is one example of such an organizational process since crystals are more organized than separate molecules floating in solution. Entropy is a reality, but chemical and biological evolution occur whenever we have an open system with an outside source of energy.


Dr. Matzko: I would like to break this down into four parts in a restatement.

First of all, the idea that energy from the sun provides the energy necessary for processes in physical organization. Second, is the idea that organization requires large amounts of energy. Third, is the idea that crystal growth is a model of organization powered by outside energy. And fourth, is the idea that entropy is not a significant factor as long as the energy for chemical and biotic evolution comes from the outside.

These statements strike at the heart of the evolution vs. creation controversy. If one cannot accept supernatural explanations for the origin of the universe or the complexity of life, there must be some mechanism for producing order from chaos based on natural processes.

However, before we even need to consider the question as to whether there is enough energy from the sun to produce organization, we must ask two more fundamental questions:

"What is the mechanism by which the sun produces organization?" and "Where is the blueprint that this mechanism must follow in order to produce organization equal to a living cell?" A living cell, after all, is more complex that the most complex manufacturing plant. No mechanism or blueprint for evolution has ever been found!

cooling curve: pure substance

How about crystallization as an example of natural ordering?

If the suggestion is that cooling can produce a flow of negative entropy, it needs to be pointed out that crystallization occurs at a constant temperature. You will notice that no cooling is taking place while the crystals are forming during the flat "arrest" part of the curve.

But even if we accepted that crystallization is an ordered product of random cooling, what more can a crystal do to order the next step in the development of further complexity? It is self-terminating.

What about the final point: "Entropy is not a significant factor as long as the energy for chemical and biotic evolution comes from the outside"? This is the refuge sought in open systems. So let’s consider the entire solar system as a closed system! Looking at the Solar System as a whole, we see a clear trend toward death, decay and disorder and no observable trend toward evolutionary organization.

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