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  • June 6 Introduction to SITS
    Take 2 Demo (from outside of science): Teaching the Logic of Korean (Bill Lovegrove)
    Recognizing the logic of a discipline
    Small group exercise: teaching a subject outside of science
  • June 7 Introduction to concept maps
    Take 2 Demo: Teaching the Logic of Chemistry (Brian Vogt)
    Emphasizing relationships between ideas
    Individual exercise: concept map of sports
  • June 8 Evaluating Concept Maps
    Individual exercise: concept map of your discipline
    Take 2 Demo: Motivate proper handwashing (Mike Gray)
  • June 10 Integrating concept maps into classes
  • June 13-17 BJU Press Bible Integration Group
    How can we infuse our classes with more Biblical truth?
    Presentations and discussions
  • June 20 Take 2 Demo: Molecular Structure and Acid Strength (Brian Vogt)
    Focus on scientific principles
  • June 21 Take 2 Demo: Antibiotic Use and Misuse (Mike Gray)
    Focus on scientific principles
  • June 22 What is a Principle?
    The SITS Information Decision Tree
    Individual Exercise: Which are principles?
    Individual Exercise: Begin list of target course principles
  • June 23 Take 2 Demo: The Big Idea Behind Relativity (Bill Lovegrove)
    Big ideas vs. traditional information delivery
    Group exercise: Indentifying the principles of cancer
    How does incorporating principles affect lecture preparation?
  • June 27 How do we transition to a principle-driven curriculum?
    Introduction to principle mapping
    Individual exercise: begin target course principle map
  • July 5 Structure courses around principles
    What to do when textbooks are your enemies
  • July 18-19 Teaching strategies and tactics reflected in course design
    Assiging challenging group projects with a real-life flavor
    Example: Vibrio project in microbiology (Mike Gray)
    Example: Organic chemistry synthesis project (Brian Vogt)
  • July 20 Target course lecture based on principles
    Surface area to volume ratio in cells (Mike Gray)
  • July 21 Student evaluation: where the rubber meets the road
  • July 28 Target course lecture based on principles
    Molecular modeling (Brian Vogt)
  • August 1 Target course lectures based on principles
    C3 vs. C4 Photosynthesis (Margene Ranieri)
    Optical Minerology (John Wolsieffer)


1. "Take 2 Demonstrations" consist of two lectures which contrast two ways of teaching, one of which is traditional and one of which represents the SITS ideal.

2. Any time not scheduled was used to complete SITS assigned projects and for development of the target course for each participant.