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Teaching Science: Conclusion

There is much to engage the talents of even the most gifted Christian teacher of science, for he is called upon to do more than his secular counterpart. He must not only pass on to his students that basic body of knowledge which is essentially noncontroversial; he must also be able to point out to his students where the unregenerate scientist goes astray and to expound successfully the biblical antidote for each error. Another factor, of course, is that one does not overtly hold to a creationist view in today's world without provoking certain repercussions, and it will happen on occasion that the Christian teacher of science is persecuted for his "antiquated" and "unscientific" beliefs. Thus, in addition to the intellectual requirements for this high calling, the Christian teacher must also possess a greater measure of moral character than his secular counterpart. But though the demands placed upon him are greater, so too are the resources available to him, for the dedicated Christian will find that the same Lord Who called him to his teaching post will strengthen him and enable him to carry out his ministry in a manner that brings glory to His name.