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Division of Communication


From its founding with speech as one of the three original majors, Bob Jones University has recognized the importance of instruction in speech communication to fulfill its goal of preparing Christian leaders. While methods and technologies have changed since those early days, the importance of good speech communication to the school’s mission has remained constant. It is imperative that Christians be adequately prepared to communicate the gospel and defend Biblical values against an increasingly antagonistic secular society.


The curriculum, programs and activities sponsored by the division seek to provide students with critical, theoretical, methodological and practical abilities within a Biblical framework. These abilities:

  • equip students for the responsibilities of citizenship from a communication perspective.
  • help students make personal and professional choices informed by an understanding of communication processes and products.
  • prepare students for advanced study of skilled professional practices in communication.
  • help students make contributions to their communities based on Biblical ethics.


Students should be able to:

  • demonstrate the ability to perform theoretically-grounded critical evaluation of communication practices and situations through oral and written class work, and participation in classic players, debate, performance hall productions, and drama team ministry.
  • evaluate and utilize course-appropriate methods of research in their classes
  • participate in performance-driven learning in courses that feature public speaking, interpretation, interpersonal communication, acting, directing and staging plays.