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Cinema at BJU

“The world needs Christian filmmakers.” —Mrs. Sharyn Robertson, department head, Cinema

The cinema program at BJU is a comprehensive 4-year program covering all elements and formats of filmmaking, from pre- to post-production, for documentaries, short films and feature-length films.

Hands-on experience

To master the compelling medium, you are immediately plunged into the program as a freshman, taking classes like Production Fundamentals and participating in Cinema Lab. Production Fundamentals is a high-energy class with tons of opportunity for hands-on participation. You’ll get to watch, view and critique films, as well as direct, shoot and edit your own film project—right off the bat.

This immediate exposure is a huge benefit for new students—Mrs. Robertson recalls falling in love with filmmaking and knowing for certain the program was for her. Also, you and all other cinema majors attend Cinema Lab once a week to review films and listen to grads from the program talk about their current jobs, giving you an overview of what it’s like to be a Christian professional in the field.

Film studio exposure

Adjacent to Rodeheaver Auditorium, the cinema department shares its space with Unusual Films, BJU’s film production service. Mrs. Robertson says the cinema program and Unusual Films are separate on paper, but ultimately they’re together, and serve each other well.

The production crew and staff of Unusual Films also serve as the faculty for the cinema program; so your teachers are bringing to the classroom and to you the raw experiences and practical knowledge of actual filmmaking. The films would not be possible without student help. Working for Unusual Films will provide the same raw experiences that the faculty have, and working closely with them on projects will give insight into how their minds interweave the creative and technical aspects of film.

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