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Our Responsibility to All Students

Because the Scripture enjoins all believers to communicate their faith, the Division of Communication has a strong responsibility to the undergraduate non-major as well as to those who wish to be professionals in the field.


To the undergraduate non-majors our mission is to help them:

  • acquire a Biblical understanding of good communication principles that will aid them in their witness and their profession.
  • communicate a Biblical worldview with integrity, clarity, and forcefulness.

To those who major in one of the departments within the division our mission is to provide them with:

  • a Biblical philosophy of the particular discipline.
  • a thorough theoretical foundation.
  • supervised opportunities for practical applications.


The Division seeks to provide graduate students sufficient background in research, theory, and practice to successfully enter a teaching ministry or to continue their education at the doctoral level. The program is distinctive in that it seeks to blend both theory and practice within a Biblical framework.