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Division of Music


For the glory of God, the Division of Music at Bob Jones University exists to support the growth of a Christian student in the image of God and to equip him to use music for the service of God. “Approving things that are excellent,” the Division will train the musician, thoroughly furnishing him “unto all good works” and preparing him “for the work of the ministry.” The student will reach his technical and artistic musical potential within a multifaceted program that strives for the highest level of musical and academic excellence as reflected in the character of his Creator.


  1. To communicate to students the glory of God as it is made manifest in music through coursework, applied study, and performance preparation.
  2. To provide a distinctively Christian music education for music majors that is characterized by excellence.
  3. To offer courses and musical experiences as an element of cultural enrichment for students who do not major in music.
  4. To develop and maintain a strong commitment to community service through music.
  5. To maintain and expand the physical facilities and equipment necessary to achieve departmental objectives.
  6. To attract and recruit a diverse body of Christian students who have strong musical and academic interests and who are committed to finding and doing God’s will for their lives.
  7. To attract Christians who are outstanding teachers, performers, and scholars to the faculty of the Division of Music and who will exemplify the servant nature of Jesus Christ.