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Division of Bible


The purpose of the Division of Bible is to increase students’ devotion to Christ through comprehension of accurately interpreted and applied Scripture.


  1. To teach students the specific content and major themes of the Bible.
  2. To teach students the orthodox interpretation of the Bible using the grammatical, historical method.
  3. To direct students to a greater knowledge of and devotion to Christ as the central focus of the Bible.
  4. To instill in students fidelity to the fundamentals of the historic Christian faith.
  5. To apply the Bible to students’ lives, promoting a distinctively Christian lifestyle and effectiveness in making disciples for Jesus Christ.
  6. To arm students to identify and combat deviations from biblical truth.

Faculty Spotlight

Dr. Olinger ministering in Africa

Dan Olinger

“I like to learn everything I can about everything I can,” said Dan Olinger, a member of the School of Religion faculty. Read more...