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Seminary Publications

The books listed have been written by current and former members of the Bible and Seminary faculty or by doctoral candidates at Bob Jones University Seminary. We pray these will be helpful resources in your ministry.

David Beale

Robert D. Bell

Jim Berg

A. Philip Brown II

Ken Casillas

Stewart Custer

Kenneth Frederick

Brian Hand

Matthew C. Hoskinson

Randy Jaeggli

Randy Leedy

Joe Linares

Ted Miller

Alan Patterson

Gary Reimers

William Senn III

Mark Sidwell

Peter A. Steveson

Layton Talbert

Thurman Wisdom

Biblical Discernment for Difficult Issues

Bob Jones University Seminary has initiated a multi-year program for writing a series of monographs to help Bible-believing Christians apply biblical principles and discernment to difficult issues they face daily as they seek to demonstrate both God’s compassion and His holiness.

Authored by the faculty of Bob Jones University Seminary, these monographs are written to guide believers in finding the right, discerning balance in spiritual life without sacrificing one crucial emphasis in Scripture for another.

While written in an easy-to-read style, the monographs combine mature, penetrating theological thought with thorough research. They provide both a fact-intensive exposition of Scripture and a piercing application of it to real human experience.

All books are available from JourneyForth Academic or the Bruins Shop.

Biblical Separation

The concept of biblical separation must be emphasized today because of conditions in Christendom and the widespread violation of scriptural teaching on this doctrine. While it has always been necessary for God's people to keep themselves separate from evil, many ignore the principle of separation entirely. Others go to the opposite extreme and separate unnecessarily over minor points of interpretation and custom. Read more