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MTc 201: Introduction to Music Technology

1 cr.

An overview of the musician's use of technology, including general computer and internet awareness, productivity software, MIDI sequencing, basic digital audio recording and editing, notation software and computer-assisted instruction. Applications include Microsoft Office Suite, Audacity, Logic, and Finale.

Prerequisites: Mu 101, MT 106.

Sec Days Time Room
1MW10:00–10:50FA 17
2MW1:00–1:50FA 17

MTc 202: Notation in Music Technology

2 cr.

Fundamentals of music typesetting including an overview of standard notation programs for the computer, with an emphasis on Finale.

Prerequisite: MTc 201.

Sec Days Time Room
1TTH3:00–3:50FA 17

MTc 501: MIDI & Digital Audio Production Techniques

2 cr.

Advanced Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) sequencing techniques and an introduction to digital audio editing and production in Logic and Pro Tools environments.

Prerequisite: MTc 201.

This course is not offered this academic year.