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Ph 200: Themes in Western Thought 3 credits

Selected philosophical ideas of continuing importance in Western thought from Socrates onward.

Sec Days Time Room
1MWF8:00–8:50LEC A
2MWF3:00–3:50LEC A

Ph 301: Logic 3 credits

Deduction and induction, the nature of reasoning, conditions of proof, introduction to the laws of thought and the processes of scientific method.

This course is not offered this academic year.

Ph 302: Ethics 3 credits

The meaning and purpose of ethics, with emphasis on Christian principles of action. Historical and practical approach to the problem of right conduct.

Sec Days Time Room
1TTH3:00–4:15LEC A

Ph 303: Ancient & Medieval Philosophy 3 credits

Major figures and movements in classical and medieval philosophy.

This course is not offered this academic year.

Ph 307: Enlightenment & Modern Worldviews 3 credits

Major figures and ideas since the 17th century and their relationship to the Christian worldview.

This course is not offered this academic year.

Ph 309: Philosophy of Religion 3 credits

Major issues in religion as interpreted through major religious worldviews.

No sections offered in the spring semester…

Ph 405: Aesthetics 3 credits

Concepts of beauty and art and artistic criteria from Plato onward with attention to present issues of artistic validity including the relation of morality and art.

Sec Days Time Room