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SSS 200: Introduction to World Cultures 3 credits

An interdisciplinary approach to understanding cultural diversity and universals, and human-environment interaction using insights from the social sciences of anthropology and geography.

No sections offered in the spring semester…

SSS 202: Introduction to Sociology 3 credits

The principal concepts, methods and terminology of sociology. The relation of culture to group activities and an analysis of some of the major social institutions.

Sec Days Time Room

SSS 204: Social Problems 3 credits

The nature, types and extent of social problems in contemporary society: crime, divorce, war and urbanization.

Prerequisite: SSS 202.

Sec Days Time Room

SSS 489: International Studies Seminar 1 credit

A senior capstone course required of all students majoring in International Studies. An independent research project culminating in a formal paper showcasing the student's analytical and writing skills.

No sections offered in the spring semester…

SSS 497: International Studies Internship 3 credits

A summer practical experience requiring six weeks in a cross-cultural setting.

Sec Days Time Room

SSS 504: Cultural Anthropology 3 credits

The components of culture and how they affect individual behavior. Problems of cross-cultural individual behavior; and problems of cross-cultural contact, particularly for the missionary.

Sec Days Time Room