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SPd 403: String Pedagogy I 2 credits

A survey of practical approaches of string teaching of beginning to early intermediate level students. Pedagogical principles of proper posture and hold, hand positioning, fundament bowings, foundational shifting skills and vibrato will be studied as well as appropriate literature and etude books. In-class teaching demonstration assignments and observation will be required as a means to develop critical thinking and problem solving skills when teaching.

Prerequisite: MT 206.

No sections offered in the spring semester…

SPd 404: String Pedagogy II 2 credits

A continuation of practical approaches of string teaching of intermediate to advanced level students. Complex bowing techniques and left had skills required for standard intermediate and advanced etudes and literature will be studied. In addition, students will examine means to injury prevention and wellness, as well as instrument assessment and repair. Observation of private string teaching required.

Prerequisite: SPd 403.

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