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Uni 091: Jumpstart Your College Success

0 cr.

This 4-week course enables students to start their college career in a supportive environment. This course will guide students as they develop and fine-tune the abilities needed for a smooth transition to college life. Topics for this course include: 1) Surviving the First Days of Class; 2) Starting Off Right: The ABC's to College Success; 3) Keys to Comprehending & Remembering What You Read; 4) Learning to Study Effectively. This course is open to all students and may be repeated.

Sec Days Time Room

Uni 092: Academic Coaching

0 cr.

The course is designed to provide proactive assistance for students during their initial semester as Bachelor to Associate placement. The purpose of this requirement is to provide weekly accountability and to put together a plan for success by focusing on the individual's academic strengths and weaknesses. Students will be encouraged to seek assistance as well as updates on current progress from their professors.

Sec Days Time Room

Uni 093: Academic Management Seminar

0 cr.

This course is designed to provide students with resources, techniques and information to enhance their college success. General class instruction along with individualized academic coaching is used to help students meet their academic goals.

Sec Days Time Room
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Uni 094: Academic Management Mentoring

0 cr.

This course is designed to provide weekly individualized academic coaching for students enrolled in Academic Management Seminar.

This course is not offered this academic year.

Uni 101: Freshman Seminar

1 cr.

Connects new students with the mission and culture of Bob Jones University in order to foster a successful college experience. This course aims to cultivate an appreciation for Christian liberal arts higher education and the distinctives of BJU, reinforce the principles that comprise the framework of student life expectations, help students extend their academic skills and set realistic goals, encourage engagement in curricular and co-curricular opportunities and develop priorities and disciplines necessary for long-term spiritual success. Required of freshmen.

Sec Days Time Room