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Gloria Eoute

Photo of Gloria Eoute

Division of Nursing
College of Arts and Science



  • MSN, Nursing, Gardner - Webb University
  • BS, Nursing, Bob Jones University

Courses Taught

  • Beginning Sign Language (CD 111)
  • Interpersonal Skills for Nurses (Nu 105)
  • Nursing Process: Beginning Medical-Surgical/Geriatric Nursing (Nu 204)
  • Nursing Process: Beginning Physical Assessment (Nu 203)
  • Nursing Process: Fundamentals (Nu 200)


  • 11 years experience in ambulatory care: physicians' offices and adult day care (part-time)
  • 15 years' experience teaching Expectant Parents classes (part-time)
  • 20 years' experience in camp nursing
  • 32 years Instructor for Red Cross in Professional CPR/Community CPR/AED
  • 3 years' experience in the acute care setting: medical-surgical units, protective care, step-down unit, and ICU (full- and part-time)
  • American Sign Language Interpreter in post-secondary education and medical settings: Greenville Hospital System and New Horizon Family Health Services
  • Presenter: Care of the Elderly Patient at Cherish-Yearn Nursing Home in Shanghai, China, 2010
  • Presenter: Care of the Elderly Patient at Shanghai Institute of Health Science/British and American School of Nursing students in Shanghai, China, 2010


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  • Deaf Action Center, The Code of Professional Conduct: You have got to be Kidding me!, 2012
  • Upstate AHEC
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    • Squeare Up! Rubrics Transform Interpreting Assessment and Skill Development, 2011
    • Yikes! Im Overwhelmed! A Study of Simultanous Interpreting and Cognitive Management, 2011
    • Tres Clientes, Tres Idiomas: A Practicar la Interpretacion Interactiva y Trilingue, 2011
    • Deaf Flavor?, 2011
    • Body Talk: Interpreting Reproductive Medical Conditions and Procedures, 2011
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