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Lesa Seibert

Photo of Lesa Seibert

Division of Teacher Education
School of Education



  • EdD, Curriculum and Instruction, Bob Jones University
  • EdS, Special Education, Bob Jones University
  • MEd, Teaching English, Bob Jones University
  • BS, English Education, Bob Jones University


  • Practicum: Grades 5-8 (Ed 334)
  • Practicum: Grades 9-12 (Ed 331)
  • Teaching English: Literature (5-8) (Ed 376)
  • Teaching English: Literature (9-12) (Ed 346)
  • Teaching English: Writing (5-8) (Ed 370)
  • Teaching English: Writing (9-12) (Ed 340)

About Lesa

Lesa Seibert joined the Bob Jones University family first as a teacher in Bob Jones Academy, teaching ninth grade English and developing the high school Learning Resource Center. Next, she moved to BJU’s distance learning K-12 school, again teaching high school English. Eventually, she joined the university faculty, this time as English education methods teacher and supervisor and program coordinator. In 2001, she earned a specialist’s degree in special education and, in 2006, she completed her doctorate in education.


Teaching has always been her desire and her love. In her role in teaching teachers, she has great joy to be able to come alongside her university students and to help them become effective and competent teachers themselves. She believes that an effective teacher is concerned for development of the whole child and that the student’s overall development is more important than academic content. (Luke 2:52 states clearly that Christ’s development was not only academic, but physical, spiritual, and social/emotional as well.) To this end, she infuses her methods classes with conversation, questions, and practical projects regarding teaching English Language Arts from a godly, biblical perspective. She also encourages her student teachers to be passionate about their students’ learning.