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Melissa Gardenghi

Photo of Melissa Gardenghi

Chairperson, Division of Mathematical Sciences
College of Arts and Science



  • PhD, Mathematical Sciences, Clemson University
  • MS, Mathematical Sciences, Clemson University
  • MEd, Mathematics, Bob Jones University
  • BS, Engineering Science, Bob Jones University

Courses Taught

About Melissa

I believe that the Lord has uniquely prepared me for my work here at BJU.  I completed an undergraduate degree in engineering and then continued on for graduate work in math education and straight math. I have also had the opportunity to spend several summers bringing statistical analysis techniques to bear on a variety of issues, allowing me to provide information and insight based on available data for primary decision makers.  

My experiences provide me with some additional insight into the value and application for math. I have learned the importance of not only how to solve problems (through the practical mathematical techniques) but also when and where and why the solutions work (through the understanding and development of mathematical theory).  I have also seen how the study of math theory and application has sharpened my critical thinking and problem solving skills and has developed an increasing ability in my own life to create solutions to problems that are sound, purposeful, and defensible. 

This is the combination of skills that I seek to develop in my students in each class I teach. My goal in my classroom is two-sided. First, to develop in my students the ability to clearly, logically, and mathematically think about the problems they face (academic, professional, and personal) and to learn to mimic the orderly mind of God that we see evidenced in the Scriptures and the world around us. I want my students to learn to develop a large assortment of problem-solving tools and also learn to recognize and appropriately apply the correct set of tools to the problems they are addressing.  Second, I want my students to increase in their passion for solving problems and to appreciate the power of mathematical tools either to solve the problem at hand or make it more understandable and simpler to address. I believe that God has given us the ability to develop, understand, and apply math to make us more conformed to His image and to bring Himself glory before an unbelieving world.