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Ron Horton

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Division of Bible
School of Religion



  • PhD, English, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • MA, English, University of California - Los Angeles
  • BA, English, Bob Jones University

About Ron

I am Ron Horton.  I was born to strict Christian parents living in North Hollywood at the upper end of the San Fernando Valley, then mostly farm country).  I attended school in Glendale, where my mother taught fourth and fifth grade.  I was active in church and enjoyed sports (lettered in football at Herbert Hoover High in Glendale) along with other physical activities.  I was far from bookish. 

After high school I and my twin brother (who pastors in Statesville NC) enrolled at Bob Jones University in Greenville SC at the behest of our father.  After graduating from BJU in 1958 I returned home and began graduate work in English at UCLA while helping my father in weak health keep his business going.  I finished the MA in the summer of 1961. 

During my second year at UCLA I was offered a position with the BJU English faculty, and in the fall of that year I began a teaching ministry with my institution that would last more than a half century.  During a three year leave of absence at UNC-Chapel Hill I completed doctoral studies.  I now teach four philosophy courses, one per semester, on a two-year rotation.  I became an English teacher because I saw the subject area as an opportunity of service that drew on my interests and abilities—one in which I could nurture growth in students and in which I could personally grow. 

My teaching and administrative duties have consumed my life, but I have even so been able to do some writing and conference presentations.  In addition to a number of books and articles in support of the educational mission of my university and its outreach through the BJU Press, I have made occasional contributions to my scholarly field.  Most of my writing now is directed to a general Christian audience.  Partially from reflections following the sudden passing of my wife in January 2000 came Mood Tides: Divine Purpose in the Rhythms of Life.  I have another book soon to appear titled Family Connections, and Reconnections about things that hold families together and pull them apart.