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Theological Studies, PhD

What will I study?

In support of the Division of Graduate Studies commitment to develop in students a critical awareness of the content, theology, and interpretation of Scripture, the Doctor of Philosophy degree in Theological Studies provides advanced preparation for those who desire to teach on the college or graduate level or who plan to engage in an extensive ministry of research and writing. The attainment of this degree through the Seminary requires both outstanding academic performance and the highest level of personal leadership and character development.

Following the standard model of graduate level higher education in the United States and universally accepted norms for PhD programs in most American universities, the PhD in Theological Studies requires 96 graduate credits beyond the bachelor's degree, three language proficiency examinations, oral and written comprehensive examinations and a dissertation in the candidate's field of study, written under the supervision of a faculty committee. The candidate should anticipate a minimum of two years of resident coursework beyond the master of arts degree and an additional two years minimum for the completion of his comprehensive examinations and dissertation. A maximum of seven year is allowed for the completion of this degree.

The PhD in Theological Studies consists of 43 credits of prerequisite courses, 30 credits of core courses and 18 credits of electives in Biblical and Systematic Theology, Old Testament Interpretation or New Testament Interpretation. Those choosing an emphasis in Old Testament or New Testament Interpretation should anticipate advanced studies in classical Hebrew or Koine Greek as a major component of their doctoral curriculum.

Program Learning Outcomes
The student will ...
-- Translate the Hebrew Old Testament and the Greek New Testament.
-- Create expository sermons.
-- Develop and teach Bible/theology lessons on the college level.
-- Compose original, scholarly Bible/theology writings based on extensive research.

What classes will I take?

The following courses are required:

6 hours of course work must be selected from the following:

18 hours of course work must be selected from the following:

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