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BJU Lingo

Associate’s Degree — a three-year program

Baccalaureate service — refers to a service before Commencement honoring potential graduates

Bachelor’s degree — academic degree after completing 3 or 4 years of required class work; also known as an undergrad degree

Business Office — located in Student Center where students can cash checks and put money toward their school bills

Catalog — information on all academic programs, including each program and its specific requirements

Collegian — BJU’s student-produced newspaper published weekly and distributed to all students every Friday

Course — another term for class

Credit — merits applied to degree requirements; each class is worth a certain number of credits

DC — Short for dining common

Dean of Students — Administrator who oversees student affairs, assisted by Dean of Women and Dean of Men

Degree — an academic rank presented to the student by the university upon completion of all required courses

Discipleship Group — gathering of three to four residence hall rooms for a time of prayer and Bible study

FAFSA — Free Application for Federal Student Aid

FERPA — Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act

Financial Aid Office — information center for students with questions about their school bills and available financial aid

FMA — Short for Founder’s Memorial Amphitorium, seats nearly 7,000 people and is where all students, faculty and staff go for chapel

GPA — grade point average; equals sum of quality points divided by sum of hours attempted

Group Leader — spiritual leader who organizes room devotions and offers general assistance to roommates; additional leadership over three to four neighboring rooms; organizes discipleship group

ID Card — photo ID issued at the beginning of your freshman year that opens residence hall side doors, gets you into the dining common and serves as a library card for Mack Library

Intramural — activities like sports between school groups, like societies, as opposed to intercollegiate, which is between other schools

Living Gallery — production featuring religious art come to life with live models; display of the art is combined with music and drama

M&GMuseum & Gallery at Bob Jones University

Quality points — each grade earned carries a numeric value known as a quality point. Quality points per hour for each grade are as follows: A = 4, B = 3, C = 2, D = 1, F = 0, P = 0

RA — Short for resident assistant, 1 per hall, 6 per residence hall; oversees general orderliness of each hall; also a Group Leader

Records Office — As the name implies, the Records Office holds your academic records. If you have any questions about credits, courses or any other academic information, the Records Office is the place to go.

Resident Mentors — those who serve as assistants to the resident supervisor; residence halls typically have one per floor

Resident Supervisor — person who oversees each residence hall

Room Devotions — time of Bible study and prayer in room 2 days a week

Society — student-run groups designed to encourage campus and community service as well as spiritual, social, intellectual and athletic development; each society has a Greek name, mascot, motto and verse

StudentCentral — student web portal with multiple uses including registration

Undergrad — term for three or four years of class work; degree conferred after completed course work

Vintage — BJU’s yearbook distributed at the end of every school year