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Places to Go, People to Meet

Academic Resource Center

Be sure to visit the Academic Resource Center this week so you know where it is later this semester (just look for yellow on the second floor of the Alumni Building). It’s a great place where you can lay a strong foundation for a successful college career. You’ll be able to connect with study groups for your classes, receive academic counseling, find tutors and much more.

Residence Hall

Your roommates and the student leaders in your residence hall will play a big role in your life over the next few years—socially, academically, and spiritually. Make sure you get to know the ones you have this year—this week is the perfect time to start building relationships of mutual encouragement and spiritual growth.

  • Discipleship group leader and assistant leader
    Each unit of three or four residence hall rooms is a discipleship group with a leader and an assistant leader. These students have demonstrated in previous semesters that they are serious about their walk with the Lord and that they desire to help others in their Christian lives. They will help you become familiar with the daily routines at BJU and will take an interest in your personal and spiritual growth.
  • Resident Assistant (RA)
    The RA is a student with the responsibility of leading and caring for the people on your hall. Your RA will oversee discipleship on your hall.
  • Resident Mentor
    Resident Mentors are recent BJU graduates who are now staff members working on graduate degrees. They’re happy to serve you through advice and prayer as you adjust to college life.
  • Resident Supervisor
    The supervisor oversees the residence hall staff, group leaders, RAs and resident mentors. They’re here to help you pursue Christlikeness and long-term spiritual success.

Student Center

The Student Center is a major hub for students. It’s where you will find the Welcome Center, The Den, The Bruins Shop, Stratton Hall, Levinson Hall and student resources such as the Financial Aid and Business offices.


Make sure you take advantage of the handouts this week during Society Rush. You’ll probably see the booths and tents set up on your side of campus. Go and meet lots of new people and accept their invitations to meals and events—especially if they’re paying for you. And be sure to make some mental notes for next year so you can make the next class of new students feel welcome.