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BJU Courses for High School Students

Get Your First On-Campus Class Free!

If you’re a junior or senior in high school and have never taken a class on campus at BJU before, you can get your first class free.

It’s a great way to work ahead on college credit, get a feel for a specific subject and experience college life for yourself—all at an unbeatable price.

For any classes you take after your first one, it’s only $100 per credit hour!

Plus, as an on-campus student you’ll get free entrance to all Bruins games and free tickets to our Concert, Opera & Drama Series.

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Available Free Classes

Find other classes available at only $100 per credit hour. You’ll primarily want to choose 100-level classes.

As an on-campus student you’ll...

  • Connect with your professors in person
  • Be a part of an exciting college atmosphere
  • Enjoy free admission to our fine arts performances, games and much more

Want to take a class online?

  • Get 50% off at only $185 per credit hour
  • Enjoy top-notch college classes from the comfort¬†of your own home—or a nearby coffee shop
  • Connect with your faculty and classmates conveniently online
  • Fit the course to your schedule

More about classes through BJUOnline

Dual Credit

You may be able to earn dual credit when you take a class from BJU. Contact your school administrator to see if you are eligible.