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How do I complete the FAFSA Process?

1. Gather Info


Before you begin, gather the following information for student, spouse (if independent) or parents (if dependent):

  1. Social Security numbers
  2. Federal tax return information for all tax filers
  3. W-2 forms for any non-tax filers
  4. Recent checking and savings account balances

Quicker Filing with IRS Data Retrieval

2. FAFSA Website


Go to, the U. S. Department of Education website. There is no charge for submitting the application.

3. Request a PIN


You will be prompted to request a PIN for you and one parent (if dependent) by going to Your PIN will become your electronic signature(s) on the FAFSA. Save your PIN(s) in a secure location. The same PIN(s) will also be used to sign all future FAFSA’s, to request student loan documents, and to request loan information.

4. School Code


When asked to enter a school code, enter BJU’s school code — 003421. This number ensures that BJU will receive an electronic copy of your FAFSA results which are necessary to process your financial aid.

5. Sign Application


When you have completed the application, you and your parent (if dependent) need to sign it electronically by entering your PIN(s) and then submit it.

If you have any questions concerning financial aid, email the Financial Aid Office.