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Payment Information

Methods of Payment

Payments may be made online; by mail with check or money order; or in person at the Business Office. All students can view their statements online at any time. Students can also grant parents/guarantor rights to view their billing statements. Those who can view the statements can also pay online or enroll in the automatic payment program. Please note that payments received after 4 p.m. cannot be credited to the account until the next business day. Checks returned by the bank unpaid are subject to a $20 fee.

Terms of Payment

The semester charges for room, board, tuition and program fee will be posted to your bill that is due August 5 for fall semester and January 5 for the spring semester.

If you are not paying in full, required minimum payments must be paid per the following schedule. The first payment must be made before a student can complete registration and attend class.

Amount 1st Sem. 2nd Sem.
25% of the total balance Aug. 5 Jan. 5
33 1/3% of the total balanceSept. 5 Feb. 5
50% of the total balance Oct. 5 Mar. 5
100% of the total balance Nov. 5 Apr. 5

+Balance includes any additional charge

There is a 1% finance charge calculated on any unpaid portion of the minimum payment due that is not paid on time.

If there is a Financial Aid Award Letter (see Financial Aid) on file in the Business Office by July 1, the awarded amount for the first semester will be placed on the student’s account before the first bill.

If after 45 days the account is not up to date, it may be necessary to terminate the student’s enrollment. A student’s account must be paid up-to-date before he can be admitted to final examinations each semester.

If you have any questions, email the Financial Aid Office.